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Injectable Muscle Relaxer

Botox isn't the only way we can soften wrinkles at Skin Retouch MediSpa.  It is our most popular procedure!  We offer three types of toxins that soften fine lines around the mouth, forehead and eyes.  We presently offer our patients a choice of Dysport (by Galderma), Botox (by Allergan) and Jeuveau (by Evolus).  All with very similar outcomes for roughly 90 days of effective resolution.


The price of each toxin is as follows: Dysport $3.65/Unit, Botox $12.00/Unit & Jeuveau $12.00/Unit

*check in to hear if we're running any promotions, as we often do!

What are Botulinum Toxins?

Botulinum toxins are injections that relax the moving muscle that create unwanted lines. They are purified proteins that soften the facial muscles. Neurotoxins are one of the most studied drugs and are used for many other medical issues other than cosmetics. Plus, they are FDA-approved!  OR ....they're like coffee for your face.

The Benefits of Botulinum Toxins

Botulinum toxins have a slew of benefits, including:

  • A more relaxed and rested appearance

  • Quick onset

  • Decrease in the appearance of wrinkles

  • Allows skin and muscles to rest so wrinkles can be treated

  • Works well for both treatment and prevention of wrinkles

  • Evens asymmetries in the brows

  • Opens the eye for a more youthful look, giving you the effect of a "mini" brow lift

  • Reduce a "gummy smile" relaxing the upper lip to cover up your gums

  • Create a neck "lift" by relaxing platysmal bands

  • Reduces pain related to TMJ

  • Decreases fine lines around the mouth often referred to as "smokers lines" or "water bottle lines." 


Do Botox injections hurt?

We use a small micro-needle to inject Botox which results in minimal pain during treatment.

How long do the benefits last?

Improvements from Botox have been proven to last approximately 3-4 months. Repeat treatments are safe and suggested every 90 days.

Will my face look frozen or expressionless?

No. Dr. Rich & our nurse injector Jason utilize a conservative approach that yields beautiful, natural-looking results. Results are often unperceivable to friends and family; others simply notice that those who have received treatment look refreshed and rejuvenated.

Dr. Rich likes to schedule an enhancement visit 2 weeks after your initial injections to confirm his "less is more approach" has met your expectations.  Subtle enhancements are our objective.

Are there any side effects I should know about?

Aside from the positive effect of less wrinkles and looking more well rested, you may experience slight pinkness, swelling, irritation or bruising at the site of injection but will quickly dissipate.

How much is Botox/Dysport/Jeuveau at Skin Retouch?

Price is determined by the number of units needed to achieve the desired results.  The average price is between $11-12.00/Unit.

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